It is a system that reduces all Haloanisoles (TCA, TBA, PCA…) and provides sensory HOMOGENISATION without using any chemical product based on the combination of physical variables.

The basis of our system is still the entry control of raw material, because OUR ACCEPTANCE LIMIT IN THE RECEPTION OF THE PRODUCT, despite having our system, has not changed and continues to be 1’5ng/l.

The decrease in both the Haloanisoles and the sensory analysis is 64% per cycle, with a maximum of 3 cycles per batch. A study by Girona University (UdG) guarantees that the internal structure of the stopper does not vary at all having passed through the system.

We have a study carried out by EXCELL IBERICA Laboratory which states that the process PARTICIPATES in the optimum evolution of bottled wine, even IMPROVING the profile of the wine in a hedonic test. With this testament, we are confident that our process not only does not change the wine but in fact can also improve it.