Celiège: The European Cork Federation represents the entire European cork industry (France, Spain, Germany, UK, Italy and Portugal) with other associated members such as Morocco and USA. C.E.Liège is a dynamic organization that leads the development of joint promotions supporting cork, its products and applications. One of the main C.E.Liège rules is to conduct research, establish international standards and share knowledge with other institutes and viticulture organizations.

Systecode: Established by CELIÈGE (The European Cork Federation), SYSTECODE is a quality assurance system for the cork industry, accredited by independent experts. An International Code not only for companies involved in the production and sale of cork stoppers, but also for users.

Systecode Premium: Established by CELIÈGE is a quality assurance system for the cork industry Higher level of requirements to provide additional and major assurance:

– It rewards excellence and company efforts.
– In-depth quality controls throughout the production process
– It encourage Sustainability Commitments

Systecode Excellence: Stricter certification since 2015 that assures the maximum level of quality guarantee from all the actors who intervene in the productions process. Only the companies who are selling directly to the wineries and have already the systecode premium can obtain this level of Excellence.